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Riley’s Ball Abuse

Riley RiedPrincess Riley has always wondered what it would feel like to feel a pair of balls squishing under her boot. She pulls her slaves cock & balls through a platform, his head is locked in a isolation box with only a hole for his tongue to taste her pussy. Miss Riley smashes is balls under her boot and knee, she giggles as he writhes in pain which only inspires her to act more sadistic. Riley uses a pin wheel to inflict even more pain on his cock before sadistically slapping his balls.

Ball Busting Fuck

Sarah Shevon femdomMistress Sarah Shevon has her chastised slave tied spread eagle to her bed, she unlocks his cage to use his cock. Mistress Sarah strokes his cock hard it doesn’t take much before his cock is dripping pre-cum. Sarah fucks her human dildo reverse cowgirl,. When the slave gets too excited & close to cumming she takes his cock out of her and slaps his cock and balls until he can contain himself, he needs to be disciplined if he is going to serve as proper sex slave. Mistress Sarah continues riding her fuck toy and rubbing her clit until she orgasms. The slaves cock will not fit back in his cage while so throbbing hard so she manually milks his cock. The slave tries to enjoy his long awaited orgasm, but just when he starts to cum she punches his nuts until he is flailing in pain, truly ruining his orgasm. His cock’s only purpose should be pleasuring his Mistress.

I have you by the balls!

Mistress Lexi likes her slaves extremely obedient, no man is more obedient then when a woman is holding an electrifying power box attached to his balls. She knows how sensitive a mans balls are and preys on his male weakness. She turns up the dial on the electric humbler and watches him crawl around with his balls pulled behind his legs shaking in pain. She even slaps his balls and crushes them under her stiletto all while she continuously fries his nuts.

Ball Busting

 Mistress Lexi loves nothing more than hearing the sound a good ball kick makes. She enjoys kicking a slave right in their manhood. Lexi is wearing her special ballbusting boots, made to cause a loud popping sound when she connects with her kicks. No matter how gamely the slave tries to take it, Lexi knows she will prevail in the end.

Cock Trainer

Lexi is the cock trainer. She is edge training her slave to control his orgasms and cum on her command. She mercilessly teases his cock to the brink, keeping him right on the edge. When the slave can not hold back any longer and begs to cum she delivers hard slaps to his balls with her crop, forcing him to withhold his orgasm. Slaves must learn to control their orgasms until the Mistress allows.

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