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Helplessly Bound and FUCKED

Mistress Coral has placed her slave in suspension bondage, rendering him nothing but a helpless piece of meat for her to fuck. And fuck him she does, pounding him with her strapon while using the bondage for leverage, letting her fuck him even harder. Coral even makes him a human pendulum, grabbing his ankles and swinging him back and forth on her dick.

Take it like a bitch

It is important to keep your boyfriends happy with an active sex life, but Coral’s new man’s cock is too small to please her pussy. Coral straps on her cock, this bitch will have to please her sexually in some way. Coral ties the bitches balls overhead so she can sink her cock into his ass balls deep, she pounds his ass hard and deep. If his cock and not satisfy her, he will be trained to satisfy her sexual urges with his ASS!
Coral emasculates and humiliates his pathetic cock while rigorously fucking his hole. He just lies on his back and takes her cock like the bitch he has become.

Glory Hole Cock Sucker

Cold and Cruel Mistresses take their hungry slave on a outing to the local glory hole. Slave will have to suck off any random cock that sticks through the hole as his meal for the week. The slave fiercely sucks away at the dick poking through, if he cannot suck the cum out to feed him he will have to go another week without any food.
Will the slave be fed this week on his Cock Sucker’s Diet?

Belting the CHEATER!


Update Added  02/25/2012

Coral suspects her boyfriend of cheating, and there is nothing she hates more than a cheater. In a jealous rage, she decides to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget. Coral humiliates him by pulling down his pants and spanking his ass with his own belt until she is satisfied, then orders him out of her house.

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