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Boot Humper

The only way Mistress Lydia’s slaves are allowed to have sex is with her boots. She takes great pleasure in watching her slave humiliate himself humping her legs and worshiping her ass until he shoots a massive load all over her leather boots. Forced to lick up every last creamy drop this slave will know what it means to live a life of slavery.

Totally RUINED Orgasm

Mistress Lexi has her slave bound to a cage, with his balls locked in a clear ball crusher. She tells the poor slave that she is tired of him needing constant milkings, so she is going to force every last bit of cum out of his balls. Of course, the pain of his balls being locked in a vise ruins any pleasure he is getting from the handjob that Lexi gives him.
Even through the pain, the slave is close to cumming. Lexi tightens the crusher even more, then tells the slave the real reason she is doing this: the extra pressure on his balls from cumming in the vise will ruin his ability to ever produce cum again, making him nothing more than a eunuch! The slave spurts out a huge last load of cum all over his belly, gasping in pain while Lexi just smiles at his anguish and tightens the crusher even more totally RUINING his orgasm. Lexi humiliates the poor slave even further by scooping up all of his pathetic cum from his belly and pouring it into his mouth.

Humiliated Cum Guzzler

When Mina, Mistress T, and Lexi get together it is nothing but trouble for the slaves. The girls gang up to humiliate the slave. Lexi starts stroking his cock and informs him that if he wants to cum he better it it all afterwards. Lexi strokes him right to the edge and when he begs to cum the other girls lift his legs over his head while Lexi strokes the cum straight down his throat. They all laugh hysterically at the pathetic cum guzzler slave.

Cum Swallowing Bitch

Mistress Jessie is not concerned with her slaves desires, his only purpose is to amuse her. His enjoyment doesn’t matter as long as she is amused. Jessie strokes his cock slowly until releasing a massive cum load into her hand. When he has gotten over the pleasure of the orgasm she makes him prove his submission to her my swallowing the entire gross load. She giggles as she ruins his orgasm my making lick her hands clean.

Suck your own cock -Autofellatio

Mistresses Lexi and victoria enjoy making slaves humiliate themselves for their amusement, so when this slave told them he could suck his own cock, they had to put him to the test. The Mistresses bend the slave over and start making him lick his cock, then Lexi starts milking him. The slave gets hard and his dick starts filling his mouth, making both of them break out in laughter. They humiliate him even further by smacking him in the face and eyes with his dick, then milk him again until he cums all over his own face. The Mistresses scoop up the cum from his face and eyes, feeding it to him as they laugh at his humiliation. Of course, they make him suck his own dick clean for good measure.

Does it make you gay if you suck your own cock?


Boot Humping

Mistress Lexi has forbidden her slave to have normal sex; instead, he can only have sex with her boots. Lexi orders him to kiss her latex clad ass while she strokes his cock to get it hard. She places his cock between her boots and orders him to fuck them. When the slave begs for release, Lexi grants the request, but after he cums, tells him he must clean up her boots. Every reward has its cost, after all.

“Lick up every last drop of your filth from my boots!”


Cuckold Cum Dumpster

Added  02/19/2012

Mistresses Skyla and Holly love humiliating their whore slaves. They make this slave beg to eat the cum of their boyfriends out of used condoms, then order the slave to jack off so he can eat his own cum as well. As he masturbates, they spit on and slap his face, making sure he knows how humiliating his life as their cum receptacle is. After he shoots his load, they make him eat it, rubbing his face in his mess. He had better like it, because they are leaving him there for the night – with drying cum all over his face.

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