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Femdom Face Slapping

Mistress Lydia has grown tired of the slaves behavior and is takes it out by bitch slapping him and spitting on his face.


Mistresses Lexi and Mina have caught a slave trying to escape from the Femdom Empire and decide to teach him a lesson. The Mistresses slap the slave repeatedly; for extra cruelty, they hold his head stationary so that his face has to absorb the full force of the blows. The Mistresses slap him until he falls to the ground again and again, then order him back up to take more slaps. Satisfied that he has been punished enough, the Mistresses drag the broken slave back to his cage.

Vicious Bitch Slapping

Mistress Lexi is very upset with her slave and is tired of feeling disrespected by him. She tells him that, because he is being such a little bitch, she is going to treat him like one. Lexi begins delivering bitch slap after bitch slap to his pathetic face while still verbally berating him. No matter how many times he falls in the floor, Lexi just orders him back up so she can knock him down again. As she smashes his face in her gloved hands, Lexi tells him just how much his pathetic looking face makes her want to slap him – and slap him she does. She delivers a series of full force windup slaps that knock him to the ground each time, then grabs his collar tight and slaps until his face turns red and he falls into the floor. Lexi delivers her most vicious slapdown to date on this slave.

Cuckold Cum Dumpster

Added  02/19/2012

Mistresses Skyla and Holly love humiliating their whore slaves. They make this slave beg to eat the cum of their boyfriends out of used condoms, then order the slave to jack off so he can eat his own cum as well. As he masturbates, they spit on and slap his face, making sure he knows how humiliating his life as their cum receptacle is. After he shoots his load, they make him eat it, rubbing his face in his mess. He had better like it, because they are leaving him there for the night – with drying cum all over his face.

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