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Swollen Chastity Balls

Lexi has kept her slave locked in chastity for the entire month, making his balls Swollen with cum. She is training his cock endure the denial of permanent chastity. Lexi has decided to milk her chastity slave so his balls don’t pop, but she does it while he remains in the cage. Lexi takes a vibrator to his cock watching it swell in the cage bulging between the metal bars. When Lexi allows him to cum he just explodes shooting projectile squirting from the pressure of being locked in the cage.

Swallow like a good slut

Mistress Lexi is chastity training her sissy, teaching her to become a filthy cum swallowing slut. Lexi unlocks sissy out of the pretty pink cage and teases her with a vibrator, making her cock even more hard and horny. Lexi allows the sissy to cum, but she has to swallow it all like a good whore when she is done. Lexi collects sissy‘s cum onto a dinner plate then has her lap it all up like a slutty sissy.


Cum Extraction

Angelica wants his cum, and she is going to get what she wants. She tightly duct tapes her victim to the chair, tapes his mouth shut, rips down his pants and pulls out his cock. She jerks his cock against his will, forcing the semen from his balls.


Lexi and Ashley are determined to milk their slaves prostate. The slave is placed on the bondage table lying on his back, Ashley engages the milking machine.
“This machine will force the cum out of that prostate”

Once the milking machine is sucking full force Lexi slips her huge cock into the slaves ass. Now his cock is stimulated while Lexi is pressing down on his prostate with her cock. Ashley continues stroking the slaves throbbing cock while Lexi pounds his tight ass. When the slave begins to beg to release Lexi slips her finger into his ass and manually milks his prostate by pressing down on it while Ashley strokes his cock. Every last drop of semen is milked from his prostate.

Cum Swallowing Bitch

Mistress Jessie is not concerned with her slaves desires, his only purpose is to amuse her. His enjoyment doesn’t matter as long as she is amused. Jessie strokes his cock slowly until releasing a massive cum load into her hand. When he has gotten over the pleasure of the orgasm she makes him prove his submission to her my swallowing the entire gross load. She giggles as she ruins his orgasm my making lick her hands clean.

Suck your own cock -Autofellatio

Mistresses Lexi and victoria enjoy making slaves humiliate themselves for their amusement, so when this slave told them he could suck his own cock, they had to put him to the test. The Mistresses bend the slave over and start making him lick his cock, then Lexi starts milking him. The slave gets hard and his dick starts filling his mouth, making both of them break out in laughter. They humiliate him even further by smacking him in the face and eyes with his dick, then milk him again until he cums all over his own face. The Mistresses scoop up the cum from his face and eyes, feeding it to him as they laugh at his humiliation. Of course, they make him suck his own dick clean for good measure.

Does it make you gay if you suck your own cock?


Cock Trainer

Lexi is the cock trainer. She is edge training her slave to control his orgasms and cum on her command. She mercilessly teases his cock to the brink, keeping him right on the edge. When the slave can not hold back any longer and begs to cum she delivers hard slaps to his balls with her crop, forcing him to withhold his orgasm. Slaves must learn to control their orgasms until the Mistress allows.

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