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Goddess Miki’s Foot Training

Goddess Miki expects nothing but perfection when it comes to slaves worshiping her feet.

Chastity Disappointment

Goddess Miki‘s sub has been locked in chastity for the entire month. She tells him she will allow him to cum, but only if he is able to do so with his cage locked on his cock. His cock is so sensitive, the slightest bit of stimulation would cause him to erupt in seconds. Miki takes out the vibrator and turns it on. She teases him by only letting it touch his cage for a few seconds at a time, laughing as he gets more excited, watching his cock grow pushing against the clear cage. His cock is now bulging out of the cage he desperately begs her to hold the vibrator on the cage, just then the vibrator runs out of battery and stops working. Miki laughs at him hysterically, I guess no milking for him today. He better go ice that thing down because she is going to make him finish the rest of the month locked in chastity with no milking at all!

Mistress Miki’s filthy feet

Mistress Miki’s feet are completely black and covered in filth, she humiliates her slave by making him lick them completely clean, His tongue becomes black with her foot grime. She just laughs as he gags with her dirty foot shoved deep inside his mouth.

Slave Training

Slaves need to be broken and punished to achieve their most submissive potential. Mistresses Lexi and Miki have brought their new bitch to their lair to be trained as their slave. The slave is strapped down tight to the bondage device so they can have their way with him, whipping and caning his ass as hard as they please. The ladies enjoy their slave enduring the pain. The slave’s muscular ass is no match for their whips and starts to shake from the pain of their whips.

Filthy Boot Wipe

Goddess Miki forces her slave to lick the bottoms of her boots clean.
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