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I have you by the balls!

Mistress Lexi likes her slaves extremely obedient, no man is more obedient then when a woman is holding an electrifying power box attached to his balls. She knows how sensitive a mans balls are and preys on his male weakness. She turns up the dial on the electric humbler and watches him crawl around with his balls pulled behind his legs shaking in pain. She even slaps his balls and crushes them under her stiletto all while she continuously fries his nuts.

Cum Dumpster

Mistress Lexi demonstrates her complete domination over her slave, blindfolding him and making him suck whatever anonymous cock is put in his fuckhole of amouth. The slave is placed in a humbler, forcing him on his knees with his balls stretched behind his legs. Hooded and humbled, he is reduced to just a mouthordered to suck cock. Lexi humiliates the slave as he is forced to orally service a complete stranger for her amusement, making him lick up the entire load of cum that is dumped in his fuck-hole of a mouth.
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