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Bound & Milked

120212VF_MilkingGIF2Mistress Ash tightens the straps around her slave, making him helplessly bound with his cock accessible to her torments.

Building up his Orgasm

121812VF_MilkingGIFMistress Tiffany teases her slaves cock with long slow strokes to the shaft of his cock. She sits panty-less on top of his face and orders he lick her ass while she strokes. His cock is rock hard and ready to explode but Tiffany just torments him further with slow strokes, building his orgasm. When Tiffany puts a vibrator to his cock he cannot hold back and longer and releases the huge cum load she had been building up.

Drained Cock

010513VF_MIlkingGIF2Mistress Andy San Dimas ties her slave down for a forced milking. She keeps her slaves as submissive as possible, the best way to do that is with daily cock drainings. She removes all unwanted testosterone from their balls with a forceful hand-job to pull every last drop out. She has found that slaves are more submissive & cooperative when their balls have been freshly emptied.

Swallow like a good slut

Mistress Lexi is chastity training her sissy, teaching her to become a filthy cum swallowing slut. Lexi unlocks sissy out of the pretty pink cage and teases her with a vibrator, making her cock even more hard and horny. Lexi allows the sissy to cum, but she has to swallow it all like a good whore when she is done. Lexi collects sissy‘s cum onto a dinner plate then has her lap it all up like a slutty sissy.


milked dry

This patient has been complaining of having a bad stomach ache, Lexi has a great way to clear his tubes out. Nurse Lexi restrains the patient, telling him some men have an overwhelming response to the procedure. Once the patient is secure she examines his cock and balls and she tells him his testicular tubes may be blocked and causing the discomfort. Lexi lubes up her milking machine and places it over his cock. The machine begins sucking his cock making it instantly hard, she turns up the stroke length and increases the suction. No man can the milking device. Lexi smiles sadistically as the unit strokes up and down bringing him closer to the edge of orgasm. When the patient yells out, “I am going to cum!” she removes the tube from his cock and watches the cum spurts far out of his cock with force. She uses a syringe to suck up the cum and squirts it into his mouth. He feels much better after that forced orgasm.

Last chance TO CUM

Mistress Jade’s slave has been locked away in chastity for several weeks, she continues to ruthlessly tease his cock but no release has been given. The slave is restrained in a straitjacket, and a cock and severe ball restraint tower, he is completely immobile. Mistress Jade rubs her pussy and ass onto his chastity belt, the slaves cock gets rock hard and digs into his tight steel cock chastity cage.

“You want to cum don’t you? How bad do you want to cum? Would you do anything, I mean anything for me in order to cum? ”

Mistress Jade breaks out in evil laughter, she spreads her legs teasing the slave with her sweet pussy and replies with “I think I should cum first!”

Mistress starts rubbing her pussy while slave watches in frustration. Mistress puts her fingers up her pussy, and orgasms onto them.”Did you like watching me please myself, I want to taste it now.”

Jade has slave lick the pussy juice off of her fingers while he trembles with erotic frustration. Jade is the ultimate cock tease, she knows how to men weak.

Finally Jade unlocks the slaves chastity belt, and starts stroking the slaves hard cock. Jade stares the slave in the eye, “Beg to cum bitch.”

Jade jerks the slaves dick into a shot glass. And now for the consequence of your orgasm, you said you would do anything and there is not much you could do to get away anyway. Jade opens the slaves mouth you better enjoy the last of your sperm, it the last you will ever produce. Jade pours the whole shot glass of creamy semen down his throat as he gags it down. “Now for your real punishment……”

Jade pulls out the burdizzo and castrates his balls. As he screams in pain.

Cum Swallowing Bitch

Mistress Jessie is not concerned with her slaves desires, his only purpose is to amuse her. His enjoyment doesn’t matter as long as she is amused. Jessie strokes his cock slowly until releasing a massive cum load into her hand. When he has gotten over the pleasure of the orgasm she makes him prove his submission to her my swallowing the entire gross load. She giggles as she ruins his orgasm my making lick her hands clean.
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