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Scum Hunters

When women suspect their man of cheating they hire agents Lexi and Mina to hunt down the scum and punish them for their ways. They abduct their latest target in a parking lot and bring him back to an abandoned warehouse to teach him a lesson. They duct tape him and give him a revenge punishment fucking with their large & brutal strap-on cocks.


Mistresses Lexi and Mina have caught a slave trying to escape from the Femdom Empire and decide to teach him a lesson. The Mistresses slap the slave repeatedly; for extra cruelty, they hold his head stationary so that his face has to absorb the full force of the blows. The Mistresses slap him until he falls to the ground again and again, then order him back up to take more slaps. Satisfied that he has been punished enough, the Mistresses drag the broken slave back to his cage.
Femdom Empire
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