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Full Service Slavery

Mistress Sarah Shevon expects her slaves to submit to her fully and service her any way she desires. Mistress is in the mood to have her feet worshiped, she loves the feeling of a mans hot tongue against her sensitive feet. He licks and sucks her toes to pleasure her. All the toe sucking gets Sarah horny, she wants to feel his warm tongue against her clit. She instructs the slave to pleasure her pussy orally, she has him lick her pussy until she orgasms and feels fully satisfied.

Out of toilet paper



Mistress Alexis is out of toilet paper, a slaves tongue is much softer anyway.

Cruel cock Teasing

Their slave may be locked away in permanent chastity, but he can still be useful sexually. Mistress T is not interested in his cock, but she finds the slave licking her pussy very pleasurable. It makes her pussy wet to see him suffer in sexual frustration. Lexi teases his cock head through the steel chastity cage while Mistress T gets off his tongue. They laugh as his cock grows, bulging from his cage. Cruel cock teasing.


Mistress Amber is a dominant, demanding woman who requires her slaves be subservient and obedient. She is only concerned with her personal pleasure and satisfaction. A slaves face, mouth, lips, tongue and nose are merely a live tools for pleasuring her pussy. He must be trained by painful punishment to properly use his facial features, she has tied a tight rope around his balls to correct his technique when necessary. She wants to gain the maximum orgasmic satisfaction without concerning herself with her victim’s distress, humiliation and discomfort. He is nothing more than a sexual toy or playing, as of no more importance than a dildo – quite necessary to her private sexual and private well being, but all replaceable and disposable.
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