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Stinky Foot Worship

Mistress Lexi demands that her slaves be willing to worship any part of her, and that includes her feet – even when she is wearing her well worn workout shoes and sweaty socks from the gym. The smell is so rank that the slave is begging not to do it before she even takes her shoe off, but Lexi orders him not only to breath in the stench from the shoe, she even makes him lick the sweaty soles clean with his tongue!

Lexi goes on to have him worship her sweaty socks, from licking them to having them over his nose and in his mouth, before she takes them off and has him worship her bare feet. As he licks them clean, Lexi makes sure he even cleans the smelly lint in between her toes. Lexi then stuffs one sock into his mouth and ties the other one over his nose, forcing the poor slave to really take in her smelly essence.

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