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Mistress Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston

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Birthdate: 1 December 1985, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Chanel Preston grew up in Alaska with a love of performing. Whether it was reciting lines of William Shakespeare in the community theater or awing her family with piano recitals of Sergei Rachmaninoff's concertos, Chanel fed off the energy of the crowd. Dancing, painting and playing the trumpet were additional ways she experienced the performance high. Now she captures the same feeling starring in adult movies.

For Chanel boredom equals death, so she quickly developed a "try anything once" motto. This daring attitude led her to join the wrestling team in high school, despite the coach's resentment about having a girl on the team. Raised with the concept of gender equality, Chanel got her first taste of discrimination on the gym mats. The further she was pushed to fail, the more she determined to succeed--an attribute still strong within her.

Chanel is sure all those hours grappling with the guys will prove helpful as she takes her moves to the bedroom. Staying fit for the cameras, she maintains her lean body with countless hours in the gym. Endurance is a must for her marathon sex sessions.

Impulsiveness runs through Chanel's veins and guides the majority of her actions, from men to moving to Hawaii to occasionally jumping out of airplanes. The self-proclaimed exhibitionist's decision to enter the adult entertainment world was, however, carefully thought out Within seconds of performing her first striptease on stage, Chanel knew she made the right decision. She is capable of doing anything, but she chose adult entertainment. Forcing people to re-evaluate their impressions of the industry and the people in it is one of the many rewards Chanel discovered--in addition to all the hot sex.

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

NATIONALITY: American, English, German, Spanish


HEIGHT: 5 feet, 8 inches (173 cm)

WEIGHT: 129 lbs (59 kg)


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