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11 Load Edging Cum Blast

Mistress lexi finally allows her slave the pleasure of having his cock milked after being locked in chastity for weeks on end. In order for him to get his monthly milking he will have to cum like a slave with her new spiked steel cum extractor clamped tightly to his balls. lexi slowly edges his cock building up his load with one finger, then two until he is begging for more. With every second he gets closer to the edge she tightens the sadistic steel ball vice causing sharp spikes to continually dig deeper into his swollen balls. He can't take the pain and pleasure any longer and with a touch of her finger Mistress lexi strokes out a record 11 loads of slave cum shooting a total 9ft away.

Date Added: August 1, 2017


10 min of video


Rating: 4.8/5.0

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