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Icy-Hot Chastity

Mistress Skin is having to take extreme measures to lock up her slave's cock in chastity. He is always horny and constantly hard making it physically impossible for her to shove a steel cage on his dick. She grabs a tub of Icy Hot and covers his entire cock and balls including the inside of his urethra to cause an enormous amount of pain that will hopefully soften up his erection. To his misfortune he only gets more aroused with his Mistress touching his dick but eventually breaks down and can no longer maintain his hard-on. Mistress Skin uses this moment to forever trap his disobedient cock in steel chastity but not without applying more icy hot torment for her entertainment.

Date Added: February 8, 2015


6 min of video


Rating: 4.9/5.0

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